Cartel Trail Confrides Lurbel

On May 21, the I Spring Trail is celebrated in Confrides.

Registrations, until May 17, can be made in

The price of the inscriptions for the three categories is the following:

Category Federated No Federated
Marathon(43 km) 35 € 40 €
Half Marathon(22 km) 20 € 25 €
Walk hiker (18 km) 15 € 20 €

The rules of the race can be found in the following link: Spring Trail Regulation

More info in: traildeprimaveraconfrides@gmail.com

Map and profile Marathon 43 km:

Mapa 43K Avit


perfil 43K avit

Map and profile half Marathon 22 km:

Mapa 22K Avit

Perfil 22K avit


Map and profile Walk hiker 18 km:

Mapa 18K avit

Perfil sender avit


We wait for you!