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      It has its origin in a Muslim farm called Aljofra. After its conquest in 1264, Jaime I of Aragón donated the town to Vidal de Sarrià. Although its population remained in the hands of the Sarrià for two generations, it was soon ceded to Infante D. Pedro.

      During the second half of the fourteenth century, and on the occasion of the war with Castile, Confrides was conquered by the Castilian troops and maintained in its power until 1364, recovered by Pedro IV of Aragon.

      At the beginning of the sixteenth century, and as a result of the war of the Germanies, its Muslim population, between 120 and 160 inhabitants, were forced to convert to Christianity. The Mudejars badly accepted their forced conversion and in 1526 rebelled against the decision of the Junta of 1525.

      Shortly before the expulsion of the Moriscos (1609), Confrides had about 240 inhabitants, mostly Moriscos, who opposed strong resistance against expulsion and took refuge in the mountains of the Laguart Valley.




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