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      Greetings from the Mayor


      As mayor of Confrides, I welcome you to the website of the City Council, an open and participatory communication channel to bring municipal information to the public.

      I want to send you, from this web portal, a very cordial greeting to all Internet users who visit us, and tell you that the purpose of the City Council that I preside over is that this web page is a facilitating element, that favors a communication between all interested parties with the maximum possible fluency.

      We also wish that the people who visit us through the website can find all the information you want and, in any case, help you in your efforts. For this reason the will of this Consistory is to incorporate the necessary updates that guarantee an interesting window, with updated information and according to your interests.

      The Mayor-President of the City Council of Confrides

      José Buades Llorca

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